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Big city, big life and troubles those too, are proportionate in size. By troubles, here I mean traffic, pollution, unhealthy food and habits, stress, the 9 to 5 rat race for some and 24 x 7 job for some and both, for a lot of us. Just imagine the repercussions of such a state of affairs on your skin. 

Where does it give you time for yourself and a beauty regime to be followed at home? Agreed that today the woman is definitely a wonder woman handling home and work together but when it comes to looking after herself, more often than not I have observed that it takes a back seat. I too, do that often.

To me, a good skin is the best make up. But it’s a task to keep the skin healthy and glowing with the stress and pollution levels that a woman in a metro has to deal with.

When a got an invite from Aayna to visit their clinic I thought of checking out the place at least. You see, I am not actually a fan of Botox and Fillers and other fancy stuff and I have had my share of skin troubles as a teenager hence I am very skeptical of what I use on my skin.

But nevertheless a visit would do no harm, I thought to myself.

On entering Aayna I was pleasantly surprised. More than a ‘clinic’ which sounds so clinical, it’s actually a place where you can relax and unwind. Although there are many treatments available at Aayna, but even if you are there for a facial, hair dressing or a pedicure you will enjoy it with informed staff, absolutely clean and hygienic environment and wonderful views from their sit out area where you could sip green tea and just go through your favourite magazine. Who knows, you may spot an antelope like I did soaking some green views!

Spot the antelope in the far end of the pic

I, after talking to Dr. Simal Soin, the brain behind Aayna,  opted for Hydra Facial, honestly it was my first time and didn’t know what to expect. I am used to the regular facials that one gets done at the parlours, which again I am quite skeptical about considering the levels of hygiene and the expertise of the beautician.

I love my skin as it is and somewhere I had read that take good care of your skin for you are going to wear it for your life- that is so apt.

Once you have had a session of Hydra facial, you are sure to think twice before you go to your regular parlour again for a facial. Hydrafcial is the best facial treatment I ever got done, my skin instantly felt so supple and was glowing. The entire process is much cleaner, non-messy and quicker than the usual facials.

Hydrafacial process:

  1. Skin is first cleansed and exfoliated.
  2. The gentle acid peel cleans the pores by loosening the debris and dirt without irritation.
  3. The comedones (black and white heads) are painlessly extracted and you can actually see the dead skin and other dirt and grime those are collected from the skin in the suction jar. I saw mine…never knew all this is sitting pretty on my face and on top of that imagine if someone applies make up what will happen to the skin.
  4. The skin is then hydrated by the use of antioxidants and hyaluronic acid which nourishes and protects our skin.

No creams that are massaged with hands and no face packs. Initially, I too was a bit surprised but consider that those kinds of facials are working only on the surface of the skin while Hydra Facial works from under the skin.

The Hydra Facial along with facial rejuvenation with customization also works as a brilliant treatment for acne, pigmentation concerns and sensitive skin.

One session of Hydra Facial is priced at INR 6200

More about Aayna

Facilities available here are:  Cosmetic Dermatology, Anti Ageing, Weight Management and Body Contouring, Aesthetic Clinic, Soul Clinic and Foot Clinic

Address: Ambawatta One, H-5/5, First Floor, Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi-110030.




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