Over The Moon Micro Brewery

Over The Moon, Literally!

What’s in a name you might say? I say everything, at least for the microbrewery and lounge bar – Over The Moon in Gachibowli in Hyderabad. It’s been five months already that I moved to Hyderabad from Delhi and frankly I still have to get used to long spells of …

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Deccan Pavilion – A Brunch of Stories

Personally, brunch is the most relaxing therapy which one can have with food, for me, a party is a crowd, breakfasts are hurried, lunches drowsy and dinners preceded by a tiring day and lead to the night.

Cafe Shunya: Science of Good Food

We are what we eat. To get inspiration for eating healthy and right just visit Cafe Shunya in Gurugram once and restore your faith in healthy eating.

A bit of Rajasthan on my platter

You’d be surprised to know that I am a very good kid when it comes to eating, for I eat my greens without any fuss. Therefore, I got this chance to do my first ever food review with my sister and of course mommy was there too.

Bara Darhi: Tale of three cities

  There is New Delhi and there is old Delhi – lovingly and nostalgically called ‘puraani dilli’. How well do we really know this Delhi and what does it stand for? Apart from labyrinth gullies, innumerous shops, people living together as families irrespective of their faith what this really stands …

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